Posted on Aug 16, 2018

Digital Marketing Institute - Dankash

SURPRISE : We have something awesome coming your way
We are going to tell you what NO ONE will
Wonder how we made a 7 figure business with ZERO investment?
-A top ranked agency in the international market with employees in both countries working full time for us.
-A registered LLC in the United States
-750 plus successfully executed projects and HUNDREDS of happy clients?
- And Multiple Sustainable Businesses

Are you ready to become a part of a similar journey where we will teach YOU the ways to replicate our success?
Imagine a life where business is flourishing and money is not a problem $$$$
Imagine waking up on Monday morning and looking forward to a productive day
Imagine the freedom to be your own boss and work as per your own schedule

This is all possible
Not long ago, when we started we were dead broke
Our collective income as a couple was not enough to cover even basic living
And on top of that, we realized we were expecting a baby
We decided to get out of the 9-5 cage and DO something on our own
After a week’s struggle we got our first freelance job worth $3
That was the first step, even though small, but it was a beginning of SOMETHING HUGE.
In the years that followed we successfully built MULTIPLE SUSTAINABLE BUSINESSES
The FIRST and MOST important thing to succeed is to NEVER GIVE UP.
We tried, sacrificed, executed, compromised, failed, got up again and kept DOING.
Join us, avoid the mistakes we did, adopt the tactics we tested.

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