Posted on Apr 1, 2020

Dankash Success

ہمیں ٹی وی کے اشتہار کیوں پسند نہیں ہیں؟

Why do we get bored during a commercial break on TV? Why do you switch the channel during the commercial break on TV? Watch this video and you will know the reason behind it.

TV had been the single media platform before the arrival of digital devices. People had to watch the commercials or change the channel. But there were same ads on every channel.

That’s the problem still exist on TV channels. They run few ads again and again so people get bored.

Modern digital ads has relieved us from this boredom. With a focus on target audience, only interested people can see your ads. For example, if you are selling an eBook reader, then your target audience for ad will be students, researchers, professionals and older people at home.

That’s the beauty of digital marketing and a lack in conventional advertising on TV. That’s why digital marketing has become the favourite choice for every business. Moreover, it is less costly than conventional TV ad.
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